Winkle Street is a narrow lane of medieval origin running eastwards from the extreme south end of High Street, immediately inside the former Watergate, to God's House Gate. Its line probably represents an early line of private quays before the circumvallation was completed. Its narrow entrance by the Watergate was formerly arched over to allow a passage of 13 feet wide and 16 feet high. The name suggests a narrow, cramped space - an apt description.

King Edward VI Grammar School was originally in Winkle Street when founded in 1554, moving in 1696.

Winkle Street

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A modern view of Winkle Street.

Winkle Street

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Frank McFadden’s engraving of Winkle Street, c.1890

Further reading:
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Excavations in Medieval Southampton, by Colin Platt (ed), p269-284. (HS/f)


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