Charles Farrar Browne (1834-1867), known professionally as Artemus Ward, was an American humorist who achieved fame on both sides of the Atlantic in the mid 19th century. He died at Southampton on 3 March 1867 during a visit to the UK which had begun in 1866. He died at Radley’s Hotel on the south corner of Terminus Terrace and Oxford Street (image 2). Later this building became the offices of the Royal Mail Shipping Line and was known - and is still sometimes referred to – as Royal Mail House. In 1967 the owners of the building refused to allow a plaque commemorating Artemus Ward to be placed on the outer wall. Instead, the plaque was placed on the wall of the London Hotel on the opposite side of Oxford Street (image 3).

1. Artemus Ward

Image Unavailable

Contemporary photograph.

2. The Former Radley's Hotel

Image Unavailable

Photograph, 1941

3. Plaque Commemorating Artemus Ward

Image Unavailable

Plaque on the wall of the London Hotel.

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