Wadda’s Stake

Waight’s Terrace

Wake, Richard


Walnut Avenue and Cottage

Warbeck, Perkin

Ward, Artemus

Ward, Nelson

Ward's Academy


Warner’s Cottage


Washington Terrace

Watchbell Tower

Water Houses

Water Lane

Water Supply: Medieval


Waterhouse Court

Waterhouse Lane

Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Mews

Waterloo Place

Waterman, William

Waterman's Arms

Waterman's Field Gun Battery


Watts, Isaac

Watts Memorial Statue

Weather House

Weigh House

Weighbridge House

Weighbridge Lane



Weld, James

Wellington Road and Terrace

Wellington Street

Wesley, John

Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Lower Canal Walk

West Front

West Gate

West Hall

West India Terrace

West Marlands Terrace

West Park

West Place

West Quay

West Quay Esplanade

West Street

West View Terrace

Westbrook Terrace

Western Esplanade

Western Shore

Western Terrace

Westfield Corner and Westfield Hall

Westfield House, Mansbridge Lane

Westgate Hall

Westgate House

Westgate Street

Westgate Terrace

Westhithe Gate and Quay

Westlake, Eliza

Westlake, William Colson

Westlake's Corn Stores


Weston Common

Weston Grove

Weston Library

Weston Mill

Weston Pond

Weston Shore

Westrow Gardens and Westrow Road

Westwood Cottage

Westwood House and Park

Westwoods Middle Ground

Westwoods Rushy Close

Weymouth Terrace

Wharf Street

What Happened to the Corbetts

Wheeler, John

Wheeler’s Court

White Hart Inn

White Horse Inn

White Stone, The

White’s Cottages

White’s Court

White’s Shipyard


Whittaker, George

Whitworth Crescent and Road

Wic Shore

Wickham Court

Wide Lane

Wight House, Canute Road

Wigram, Frederic Edward

Wilberforce, Canon Albert Basil Orme

Williams, Charles Frederick

Williams, Ebenezer Daniel

Williams Court

Wilson, Richard

Wilton Cottages

Wilton House

Wilton Lodge

Wilton Lodge, Foundry Lane

Wilts and Dorset Bank


Winchester Place

Winchester Road

Winchester Street

Winchester Terrace

Winchester Way

Windmill Lane

Windmill Point


Windsor House and Hotel

Windsor Terrace

Wine Trade

Winkle Street

Winn, William

Winn Road

Witegod’s Lane

Witt's Hill

Wood, Mary Anne

Woodbine Terrace

Woodlove Lodge Bar


Woodside Road and Terrace

Woodstock Terrace

Wool Gate

Wool House

Wool Street

Wool Trade

Woolbridge and Woolbridge Tower

Wooldridge, Henry

Woolhouse: the Tower by the

Woollen Hall


Woolston House

Woolston Library

Woolston Marine Air Terminal

Woolston Methodist Church

Woolston New Road

Woolston Picture House

Woolston Railway Station

Woolston Road

Woolwich House, 36-37 High Street


Wren, Ellen

Wulfris, Katherine and the Wulfris Bequest

Wyatt’s Court

Wynberg Terrace

Wyndham Court

Wyse Court



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