This short lane linking [[[page-browse:Bugle Street and [[[page-browse:French Street initially continued the line of [[[page-browse:Westgate Street. It is of medieval origin and was called Beneyteslane in the 13th century and Fortislane in the 14th century. The origin of the name Vyse is unclear, but it is probably derived from Vyes, an early variant on the local name Devizes.

By the 1890s the area was dominated by slum dwellings, dating largely from earlier in the century. The Dilapidated Buildings Report of 1893 marked these buildings down for demolition, but they survived until the slum clearances of the 1930s. Modern housing now occupies the site.

Vyse Lane

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A modern view of the lane to the right of the Duke of Wellington.

Vyse Lane

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Looking down Vyse Lane from French Street, c.1900

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Further reading:

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Excavations in Medieval Southampton, by Colin Platt (ed), p149. (HS/f)
Southampton Archaeological Society Bulletin, No. 16, p16. (HS/f)


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