Number 6 Dry Dock was opened by the Marquis of Winchester on 21 October 1905, the centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, after which it was named. The dock, then the largest dry dock in the world, was situated to the east of what was later to become Ocean Dock (opened in 1911 as the White Star Dock). Trafalgar Dry Dock was enlarged in 1913 and 1922 to handle the increasingly large ships that were being brought into service. However, from 1924 onwards the larger Cunard liners began to be serviced by a large floating dock and after 1933 by the King George V Graving Dock at Millbrook. Trafalgar dock was last used for ship repairs in 1989. It is Grade II listed.

Trafalgar Dry Dock

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The sailing ship Sylvia in Trafalgar Dry Dock, c.1910


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