The Thornhill Park estate, totalling 430 acres, was formed in 1825 by local merchant Michael Hoy of Middanbury. The house, completed a few years later, was of large size, having 13 principal rooms and 11 bedrooms. Hoy died before the house was completed but his widow was living there by 1831. When she died in 1839 the estate passed to her nephew James Barlow, who was required to change his name to Hoy in order to inherit the property. The estate, much diminished since the early 19th century, was sold off for housing development in 1923 and the house was demolished in 1927. In its heyday the estate extended from modern Thornhill Park Road to Bursledon Road and from Upper Deacon Road to Kane’s Hill.

Michael Hoy

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Portrait now in the British Museum.

Thornhill Park

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A view of Thornhill Park, dated c.1900

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