Spa Road (image 2) was an L shaped road that formerly ran off the west side of Above Bar Street, just south of Portland Street. It ran west before turning south to run along the rear of the building on Above Bar Street. Spa Court (image 1) and Spa Gardens were courts off south side of the street, between nos. 12 and 13 Spa Road. A short thoroughfare, New Buildings, connected Spa Road to Portland Terrace. The Spa Tavern was situated at the corner of Spa Road and New Buildings.

Spa Court was demolished during the slum clearances of the 1930s. Most of Spa Road disappeared when the Above Bar Street entrance to the West Quay Shopping Centre was built over it in 1999. A short section survives (actually, originally New Buildings) off the east side of Portland Terrace. They were named from their close proximity to the chalybeate spring near Portland Terrace.

1. Spa Court

Image Unavailable

Photograph, c.1935

2. Spa Road

Image Unavailable

Photograph, c.1935

Spa Gardens
A 19th century court between nos 11 and 13 Spa Road.


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