Sholing is a district and ward name for an area east of the Itchen and north east of Woolston. The earliest reference to the name was in 1251 when Henry III granted the manor to the abbott of Netley Abbey. The traditional manor of Sholing occupied most of the area bounded by Sholing Road and Merry Oak Road, Spring Road, Cranbury Road, Portsmouth Road, Old Vicarage Road, Bridge Road and Peartree Road. The name may have been derived from the Old English ‘scholing’, which means ‘the hill above the slope’. Alternatively, it may have come from the Old English ‘Sceolingas’, meaning ‘the people associated with a person called Scheolh’. Sholing was a detached portion of Hound parish prior to its association with St. Mary Extra in 1903 to form the civil parish of Itchen.

Further reading:
Woolston and Sholing, by R. King (et al). (HS/h)
Illustrated History of Southampton’s Suburbs, by Jim Brown, p113-119. (HS/h)


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