Southampton schools include:

Albert College (1879-1891)

Alexandra College (mid 19thc-1921)

Argyle Road Grammar School (?late 19thc-20thc?)

The Arthurs' school (c. 1813-after 1879)

Ascupart School, Ascupart Street, Northam (?1900s-1930s)

The Atherley School (1926-2006)

Bell System School, St Michael's Square (1820s)

The British School (founded 1814)

Bitterne Park School (1901-present)

John Bullar's School, Above Bar (attended by Richard Laishley

John Drew's school (1830s)

Eastern District School, Anglesea Terrace, Northam (?1900s-1930s)

Handel College (1863-1912)

Hurst Leigh School

Itchen Grammar School (1906-present)

King Edward VI Grammar School (1554-present)

William Kingsbury's academy (c. 1772 to 1791).

Miss Easom's Finishing School (1770s)

Millbrook Boys' Secondary School, Green Lane. Merged with the boys' school to form Millbrook Secondary School - year unknown.

Millbrook Secondary School, later Millbrook Community School, (?-2008).

Millbrook Girls' Secondary School, Lower Brownhill Road (1959-?). Merged with the boys' school to form Millbrook Secondary School - year unknown.

Mrs Payne's school (1802-?)

Northam Boys and Northam Girls, Kent Street, Northam. The Girls' School was bombed on 7th July 1941 and the Infants' School destroyed.

Oakmount House (1907-1989)

Peartree Old School (1848-1989)

St Anne's School (1881-present) (formerly La Sainte Union College)

St George Catholic College for Boys and Girls

St Mary's College (1922-2020)

St Mary's School, Grove Street, Northam (?1900s-1930s)

Southampton Collegiate School (1843-1886)

Southampton Free School (early 19thc)

Southampton Girls' Grammar School (1907-1993, with various name changes)

Taunton's School (1760-present, as Richard Taunton Sixth Form College)

Southern District School, Bridge Road, Northam (?1900s-1930s)

Ward's Academy (1773-?)

Unnamed private school, Clarence Street, Northam (?1900s)

Where schools have had more than one name and still exist, we have used the current name.

List being developed, 2017. If you have information about Southampton schools, please let us know. Note we are asking for your information about the history of St George Catholic College for Boys and Girls.


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