St Agnes Church

St Alban’s Church

St Alban’s Terrace

St Andre, Nathaniel

St Andrew’s Chapel

St Andrew’s Church

St Andrew’s Croft

St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Sholing

St Andrew’s Terrace

St Anne’s School, Carlton Crescent

St Augustine’s Church

St Barbara’s Tower

St Barnabas Church

St Boniface Church, Shirley

St Christopher’s Church, Bassett

St Christopher’s Church, Thornhill

St Clement’s Church

St Denys

St Denys Church

St Denys Farm

St Denys Methodist Church

St Denys Mill

St Denys Priory

St Denys Railway Station

St Denys Tower

St Denys Wood

St Edmund's Church

St Edmund's Road

St Francis Church, Sholing

St George Catholic College for Boys and Girls

St George’s Chapel

St George’s Court

St George’s Market

St George’s Place

St George’s Street

St James's Church, Bernard Street

St James’s Church, Shirley

St James’s Recreation Ground

St James Road Methodist Church

St John’s Buildings

St John’s Church

St John’s Church, Shirley

St John’s Hospital

St Joseph’s Church

St Jude’s Church, Shirley

St Julian's Church

St Lawrence’s Church

St Lawrence’s Cross

St Lawrence Road

St Leger (Leodegarius), Chapel of

St Luke’s Church

St Luke’s Terrace

St Mark’s Church, Archer’s Road

St Mark’s Church, Woolston

St Mark’s Terrace

St Mary, Our Lady of Grace: Hermitage of

St Mary Street

St Mary Street, 76

St Mary Street, 153

St Mary’s Brewery

St Mary’s Buildings

St Mary’s Chapel, East Gate

St Mary’s Church and Parish

St Mary’s Church, Sholing

St Mary’s Church, South Stoneham

St Mary’s College

St Mary’s Cross

St Mary’s Hotel

St Mary’s Lane

St Mary’s Primitive Methodist Chapel

St Mary’s Road Bible Christian/United Methodist Chapel

St Matthew’s Church

St Michael and All Angels Church

St Michael’s Church and Parish

St Michael’s House

St Michael’s Passage

St Michael’s Prison

St Michael’s Square

St Michael’s Street

St Monica’s Church, Freemantle

St Nicholas Chapel

St Nicholas Church, Millbrook

St Patrick’s Church, Woolston

St Paul’s Church, London Road

St Paul’s Place

St Paul’s Terrace

St Peter’s Church, Commercial Road

St Peter’s Church, Maybush

St Thomas’s Buildings

St Thomas’s Court

Saintsbury, George Edward Bateman

Salmon Pool

Salt Houses

Salt Meads, The


Saltmarsh, The

Saluting Battery on the Platform

Sandell, Elsie

Saunders’ Court

Savoy Cinema, Swaythling

Saw Mill Cut

Say, Samuel

Scala Cinema



Schneider Trophy


Scott-Paine, Hubert

Scrase’s Brewery

Scullard's Hotel

Seals of the Town

Seamen’s Mission

Seaway House

Seaweed Hut

Second Street

Sergeants, Town

Sergeant’s Garden

Seward, Joseph

Seymour Road

Shakespeare’s Head Inn

Shayer, William and Family

Sheppard’s Farm


Ship Inn, Redbridge Road


Shirley Avenue

Shirley Baptist Church

Shirley Common

Shirley Electric Cinema

Shirley House

Shirley Lane

Shirley Library

Shirley Methodist Church

Shirley Methodist Church, Oriental Street

Shirley Methodist Church, Stratton Road

Shirley Mill

Shirley Race Course

Shirley Road, no. 350

Shirley Warren

Shoemakers’ Tower


Sholing Bottom

Sholing Common

Sholing Green

Sholing Primitive Methodist Church

Shore, Thomas William

Short Thorn, The

Short Street

Shrapnel, Henry


Sidford Terrace

Sidney Farm

Sidney House (or Cottage)

Silchester Terrace

Silk Shop Yard

Sillers Mead

Simnel Street

Simon Way

Simpkins, John

Simpson Terrace

Sincke (or Syncke), The

Sir Bevois Hill

Sir George’s Road, Freemantle

Sirdar Road, Portswood

Skelton Family

Slade Road

Slavery and the Anti-Slavery Movement

Sluice, The

Slum clearances

Smerebrook’s Ford

Smith, Charles Harcourt

Smith, Edward John

Smith, Frederick William

Smith, George

Smith, Herbert

Smith, Sidney Robert James

Smiths, Street of the

Snook, John

Soga, John Henderson

Solent Sky Museum

Solent University

Soper, William

Sopers Place

South Castle Lane

South Front Primitive Methodist Chapel

South Gate

South Hill Reservoir

South Place

South Stoneham

South Stoneham Farm

South Stoneham House

South Terrace

South Western Hotel

Southampton: Name

Southampton, Earls of

Southampton Airport

Southampton Arms

Southampton Art Society

Southampton Collegiate School

Southampton County Chronicle

Southampton Courier

Southampton Examiner

Southampton Football Club

Southampton Free Press

Southampton Free School

Southampton General Hospital

Southampton Girls' Grammar School

Southampton Herald

Southampton Lighthouse International Church

Southampton Luminary

Southampton Mercury

Southampton Place

Southampton Plot

Southampton School of Art

Southampton Skating Rink, Shirley

Southampton Society for Mutual Education

Southampton Times

Southampton West Station

Southbrook House

Southbrook Square

Southcliffe House

Southern Daily Echo


Spa, The

Spa Road, Spa Court and Spa Gardens

Spanish Burial Ground

Spanish Prison

Sparkman, James

Spear Hall

Speed Family

Speedway Stadium

Sports Centre

Spranger, William Francis Gummer

Spring Court

Spring Gardens

Spring Place

Spring Road

Spring Terrace

Springfield House and Springfield Villa

Springford Cottage

Springhill Court

Stag Gates


Standard Cinema, East Street

Stanley, Hans

Stanley Road

Stanley Terrace

Stanton Road

Star Hotel

Star Inn Lane

Station Road

Stebbing, Joseph Rankin

Steptoe, John

Steuart Road

Steward, The

Stibbert, Giles

Stile, The

Stockwell Papers


Stoneham Place

Stonehouse, John

Stones Place

Stony Cross

Strand, The

Strond, Le

Strugnell’s Court and Passage

Stuart, Francis Godolphin Osborne

Stuart’s Buildings


Sugar Bowl, The

Sugar House, The

Sugar House Lane

Summers, Groves and Day

Sun Buildings, Ogle Road

Sun Hotel, Town Quay


Susie Terrace

Sussex Hotel

Sussex Place, Above Bar

Sussex Place, Shirley

Sussex Terrace, Freemantle

Suttones Place

Swan Inn, The

Swaythling or Swathling

Swaythling Baptist Chapel

Swaythling Farm

Swaythling Ford

Swaythling House

Swaythling Housing Society

Swaythling Methodist Hall and Church

Swaythling Railway Station

Swaythling Stream


Swing Gate

Swing Riots

Swiss Cottage


Swyre, Thomas

Sydney Place

Szlumper, Gilbert Savil


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