Radstock Family

Raffo's Yard

Ragged School

Railway Stations


Rainbow Court

Rainbow Tavern

Rampier, The

Rainier, Peter

Rank, Joseph Arthur

Ransom, John

Ransom Memorial Fountain

Ransom's Terrace

Raven Street

Rayner Family

Read, David Charles


Red Hill

Red House

Red Lion Cut

Red Lion Public House

Red Lion Square

Red Lodge

Red Lodge Nursery

Red Lodge Toll Gate

Red Rover Stagecoach


Redcote Convent

Rede Hall


Reform Movement

Regal Cinema

Regent Baths

Regent Cinema

Regent Street, Regent Court, Regent Place

Regent's Park

Reid, Billy

Remount Depot, Swaythling

Reneger, Robert

Reod Ford


Rest Camp on the Common

Rialto Cinema

Rich Family

Richmond Lodge

Richmond Place

Richmond Terrace

Ridgemount House

Ridges, Stanley


Ridgeway Castle and House

Riding School

Rigby Road

Ritz Cinema


Rochdale Committee

Rochdale Terrace

Rochelle Lane or Rochel-Lane

Rochester Terrace

Rockhampton House

Rockstone Lane

Rockstone Place

Rockstone Terrace

Roe's Court

Roe's Wharf

Rogers Memorial

Rolles Brook

Roman Catholic Churches (early)

Romsey Lane

Romsey Road

Rookery, The

Rope Walks

Rosas, Juan Manuel de

Rose, Guilford North

Rose, John

Rose, The

Rose and Crown Public House

Rose's Court

Rose Garden, Civic Centre


Rosemary Cross and Rosemary Stone

Rosoman Monument, Peartree Churchyard

Ross, Alexander


Round House

Round Copse

Rowland, Alexander Campbell

Rownhams and Rownhams House

Roxborough Terrace

Royal Crescent and Royal Crescent Road

Royal Gloucester Baths

Royal Hotel

Royal Mail Steamship Company

Royal Military Asylum

Royal Oak Hard

Royal South Hants Hospital

Royal Southampton Horticultural Society

Royal Southampton Yacht Club

Royal Southern Yacht Club

Royal Standard Public House

Royal Victoria Assembly Rooms

Royal York Hotel

Royal’s Court

Rubie, Edward

Rubie, John

Rubie (or Ruby) Street

Rushby Close

Russell, Ken

Russell Court

Russell Place

Russell Street

Russell Terrace

Rye Terrace

Rylonde, La


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