The popular name for the The Royal George Hotel. This hotel dated back to 1783 and stood on the west side of the lower end of the High Street between Porters’ Lane and Broad Lane, with a yard entrance at the south end of its frontage.

It was one of a number of old public houses in that area, all of which were destroyed during the Blitz. The public house was popularly known as Quilter's, after James, or possibly Eliza, Quilter, both 19th century licensees. The name was also given to Quilter's Vault, a Norman cellar over which the pub stood. It is now marked by Quilter's Vault archaeological site.

In the 1860s the Southampton Regatta Club, which became the Royal Southampton Yacht Club, held its meetings here.

In the 1871 census, the hotel keeper is recorded as Eliza Quilter, originally from Suffolk. The building was number 88 in the street at that point.

The Royal George Hotel (Quilter's)

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Photograph, c.1930


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