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St George Catholic College for Boys and Girls
We're unsure when this school was founded - can you help? Click here to see our article on the school. (query added April 2017)

Courts in Southampton
We've recently created an article on the Old Court House in Castle Lane, which has made us realise we don't have good information on Sotonopedia about the history of the courts in Southampton. Can you help? Perhaps you have researched the courts or perhaps you worked in them. (query added April 2017)

Millbrook Road East
We've just created an article on this important throughfare, but have little content so far. Can you tell us more? (query added June 2017)

Millbrook Secondary School for Boys and Millbrook Secondary School for Girls
Can you tell us when these two schools were merged to form Millbrook Secondary School? (query added July 2017)

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