Prospect Place was an 18th century terrace, now demolished, on the east side of Above Bar Street and south of East Park. Upper Prospect Place was situated opposite Commercial Road. Lower Prospect Place was situated to the south and set back from the line of the road with large gardens to the front (image 3). The first house here (image 2), built in the reign of George III, was known as Prospect Place, the name being extended to the row of later adjoining houses built in the reign of George IV. The original Prospect Place was now renamed Prospect House. In the 1930s the trees to the front of Prospect Place were cut down (image 1) and a row of shops erected. Prospect House was demolished in the 1950s.

The Diocesan School, later Southampton Collegiate School, was originally in Prospect Place.

1. Prospect Place

Image Unavailable

A watercolour by Alan O’Dell, 1931, showing the trees being cleared.

2. Prospect House

Image Unavailable

Photograph, 1941

3. Prospect House and Prospect Place

Image Unavailable

Photograph, 1941

Further reading:
Southampton Occasional Notes, by ‘Townsman’, p35-36. (HS/h)


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