A number are associated with the traditional pasturing of animals on the Common:
1) At the corner of Pound Tree Road and Above Bar Street. This was the traditional assembly point.
2) On Padwell Green (Asylum Green), which was the point of transfer to the cowherd when cattle were impounded for offences.
3) At Bellemoor Gate. This is the only surviving pound of relatively modern date. It was on the south side of the gate opposite Holly Lodge, on the east side of Hill Lane.
4) On the east side of the reservoir (now the Paddling Pond) in 1866.
5) On a garden plot south of the George Inn and north west of the Bargate.
6) In St. James's Road at the junction with Shirley Avenue.
7) At the junction of Bitterne Road and Pound Street in Bitterne.

Further reading:
Southampton Occasional Notes, by ‘Townsman’, p38, 92. (HS/h)
Memories of Bitterne, by Irene Pilson, p93-94, 244-245. (HS/h)


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