The 19th century name for the loop way (the surviving relic of the original Polygon planned roadway system) consisting of modern The Polygon, Handel Terrace, Handel Road and the south end of Devonshire Road. After the premature end of the original polygon scheme of the late 18th century, the area, still generally known as the Polygon, gradually filled with good quality houses and large gardens as affluent families moved into the more rural parts of the town. A few buildings from this era remain; no. 21 The Polygon (image 2) is a two-storey yellow-brick building with a parapet was built about 1840, as were nos. 23-27, a terrace of three yellow-brick, three-storey houses (image 1). All are now Grade II listed.

1. 23-27 The Polygon

Image Unavailable

Photograph, c.2000

2. 21 The Polygon

Image Unavailable

Photograph, c.2000


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