The Platform Tavern is situated with its front opening onto Town Quay and its rear onto Winkle Street. The building probably dates from the early Victorian period, becoming a public house in the in the 1860s; it is first referred to in a street directory of 1869. However, there was a beer retailer, Robert Mabb, listed in Winkle Street in the 1865 directory and although the Platform Tavern is not mentioned, it is highly likely to be the beer house referred to. In the 20th century it was a popular haunt of dock workers, particularly before 1960 when much of dock work was casual and workers had to congregate around the docks hoping to get chosen for a shift. The building was badly damaged during the Blitz of 1940 and was not rebuilt and reopened until 1954. Subsequent renovations have revealed a section of the medieval town wall on the premises.

Platform Tavern

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A drawing from the cover of A short History of the Platform Tavern.

Platform Tavern

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A modern photograph of the Platform Tavern.

Further reading:

A Short History of the Platform Tavern, by Dave Juson. (HS/k)


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