Charles Pardey the younger was baptized at St Mary’s Church on 4 April 1827. He was the eldest son of Charles and Caroline Pardey and cousin of John Everett Millais.

An obituary tribute by Dr Joseph Butler in a paper read to the Southampton Medical Society was quoted in extensor in the Hampshire Advertiser, 5 September 1863. It provides a synopsis of Dr Pardey’s career. He was a pupil under Dr Robert Fowler in Southampton for five years before going to King’s College, London, “an unknown student, with the scantiest means, and no scientific London friends; and by his own hard work and earnest perseverance, he took at King’s College and London University honours in nearly every subject medical, and akin to medicine, - gold medals, prizes, exhibitions and studentships, so that he is still remembered there as a pupil who took more prizes than any other, and was considered the most distinguished student of his day”.

He was medical tutor at Queen’s College, Birmingham for about a year before going into private practice for two years at Heckmondwike in Yorkshire. He married Kate Perkins, second daughter of the auctioneer Richard Hopkins Perkins, on 28 December 1852 at St Mary’s Church in Southampton. In 1854 he moved to Southampton. He became medical officer, and later governor, of Southampton Dispensary, but it was for his tireless general practice amongst the most deprived members of the community, often undertaken in considerable ill-health, that he is chiefly remembered. He died of consumption in his residence at Lottery Hall on 10 July 1863. He was only 36 years of age, a life of promise prematurely cut down.

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Pardey, Charles (c.1801-37)


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