Paddling Pond, The Common

Paddock, The

Padfield, Francis (Frank)

Padwell Cross

Padwell Farm

Padwell Green and Pond

Palace Theatre

Palk Memorial Home

Palladium Cinema

Palmerston, Viscount

Palmerston House

Palmerston Memorial

Palmerston Park

Palmerston Road

Palmyra House and Palmyra Terrace

Panorama Place


Paradise Row

Pardey, Charles (c.1801-37)

Pardey, Charles (1827-63)

Pardey's Buildings

Pardey's Court

Park House

Park Place

Park Road

Park Terrace

Park View

Parker, Captain F Dan

Parker, Reginald

Parkes, Edmund Alexander

Parsons, Harry

Paulet Close

Paving Commissioners

Pay Field

Pay Land

Payne, Charles Sampson

Payne, John

Payne, Sampson

Payne, Thomas Piball

Peacock and Buchan Paint Works

Pear Tree, Peartree Green

Peartree Green

Peartree Green Congregational Church.

Peartree House

Peartree Old School


Pedley, Roger: Waterworks

Pegler, Alfred

Pegler's Passage

Pemberton-Billing, Noel

Pembroke Hotel, 6 Pembroke Square

Pembroke House

Pembroke Square

Peninsular and Oriental Line

Penisular Terrace

Penleaze, John Story

Pensioners Arms

Pepper Alley

Perkins, Sir Frederick

Perkins, Walter

Perkins, Walter Frank

Peterborough, Earl of

Pether Family

Petty's Court

Philharmonic Hall

Phoenix Brewery

Pickett's Boatyard

Pickles Copse

Picture House

Picture Palace

Picturedrome Cinema, Northam Road


Pier Place

Pig Market

Pigeon House

Pilgrim House

Pilgrim Place

Pilgrim’s Gate

Pilgrim's Pit

Pilgrim’s Pit Tower

Pim's Passage

Pine Drive

Pineapple Inn

Pinckney, Thomas Anthony

Pirelli Cable Works

Pitt, George Frederick and the Pitt Collection

Pitt Street

Pitt's Court

Pitt's Lane

Platform, The

Platform Tavern

Plaw, John

Plaza Cinema

Plaza Hall, Portswood Road

Pleasant View

Plummers Store

Plymouth Brethren

Podmore, William

Pointout and Pointout Farm

Police Force

Police Stations


Pollock and Brown Shipbreakers

Pollok, Robert

Polygon, The

Polygon Hotel

Polygon House

Polygon Road (The Polygon)

Polygon Villa

Polymond, John

Polymond Hall

Polymond Tower


Pond, Henry

Pond Terrace

Pontin, George

Poole, Josiah George

Poor Clare Convent

Poor House Lane

Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834

Pope's Buildings

Pope's Walk

Poplar's Oak

Porters' Lane

Porters’ Meadow (or Mead)

Porter Bridge

Portes Froda (Portes Ford)

Portland Baptist Chapel

Portland Place

Portland Street

Portland Terrace

Portsmouth Road


Portswood Bible Christian Chapel

Portswood House

Portswood Lane

Portswood Lawn

Portswood Library

Portswood Lodge

Portswood Manor House

Portswood Park

Portswood Terrace

Post Office, Central

Postern, The

Poultry Cross and Market

Pound Lane

Pound Road

Pound Street

Pound Tree Lane and Pound Tree Road


Powell’s Yard

Powtheryng House, The

Preece, Sir William Henry

Primmer’s Buildings

Prince Edward’s Tower

Prince of Wales Dry Dock

Prince of Wales Theatre

Prince’s Road

Princess Alexandra Dock

Princess Street



Proclamation Place

Prospect House and Prospect Place

Prospect Place, Freemantle

Providence Place

Providence Road

Provincial House, Canute Road

Public Park




Pye, Henry James


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