The first Methodist chapel in Woolston was built by the Wesleyans in Obelisk Road in 1864. It stood on the north side of the road, opposite the entrance to Wooston Lawn. They had decided to have a preaching-place in Woolston in June 1860, and by September 1864 were holding services morning and evening. The chapel was registered for marriages 1 January 1867. New premises for the Sunday School were opened on the 11 July 1907.
A new Methodist Central Hall in Woolston to accommodate the expected increased population from the expansion of the docks would have replaced it, but the scheme was abandoned when it became clear that the new docks were to be built in Millbrook rather than Woolston. The Central Hall was instead built to replace East Street Chapel in 1925, and St James Road Methodist Church, in Shirley, built in 1928, became by far the largest Methodist Church in Southampton.
In 1934 the Obelisk Road chapel merged with the United Methodist Chapel in Manor Road to form Woolston Methodist Church


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