1) From the early Middle Ages Newtown was the extra-mural district adjoining Holy Rood ward. It has been argued that the name may once have embraced what later became Holy Rood ward. The Newtown Street mentioned in early documents may be Orchard Lane.

Further reading:

Medieval Southampton, by Colin Platt, p50, 64, 122-3, 127. (HS/h)

2) A Victorian developer's name applied to the area east and north of St. Mary's Road, part of which had previously been called Chamberlayne Town (named after the Chamberlayne family of Weston Grove who owned land in this area). Philip Brannon mentions Newtown in 1849 and states that it was entirely built within the last few years. It later became the name of one of local electoral wards stretching from Padwell Road in the north to Fanshawe Street to the south.

Further reading:

Roadshow: Newtown and Nichol’s Town, by Jean H. Cook. (HS/h)
Stories of Southampton Streets, by A. G. K. Leonard, p74. (HS/h)
Picture of Southampton (1849), by Philip Brannon, p26, 28 (HS/h)

3) A district of Weston south-east of Weston Lane and south-west of the railway line.
4) The name appears attached to a street corresponding with the east end of modern Briton Street in the late 18th century.

Newto(w)n Lane
In the 18th century this was an alternative name for Nightingale Lane (later Threefield Lane and Latimer Street).


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