There have been numerous mills in Southampton but most today have either vanished or become non-functional. Sites are grouped by type of mill.


  • A fulling mill, site and power source unknown, is recorded in the Town Leet records of 1594.


  • The first Chapel Mill.
  • The mill above God’s House Tower.


  • The terrier of 1454 records an unspecified mill on the north side of East Street, near modern-day York Buildings.
  • Freemantle, near Payne’s Road. Freemantle ponds appear to have been originally constructed as mill ponds.


  • Shirley mill at the junction of Winchester Road and Romsey Road.
  • A medieval mill at Oakley Road (formerly Mousehole Lane) in Shirley.
  • Woodmill.
  • Near Miller’s Pond in Woolston.
  • Gater’s Mill or (West End Mill) just outside the north-east boundary.
  • A medieval mill in St Denys, adjoining the priory.
  • Weston Mill


  • A windmill is recorded on the bulwarks, near modern-day Canute Road, in 1620.
  • From c.1700 to c.1805 a windmill was situated on Castle Hill.
  • There are 13th and 14th century references to two windmills in Fulflood, an area on the western shore north of the Bargate. They were perhaps situated on the north side of Canshut Lane (modern-day Regent Street).

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Further reading:
The Old Mills of Southampton, by R. A. Pelham. (HS/p)


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