Maybush is a district name relating to the area near the junction of Romsey Road and Coxford Road (or Maybush Corner). It was formerly applied to the stretch of Romsey Road to the north of that corner, but in the 1960s there was a tendency to extend it to cover the whole of the large corporation housing estate immediately west of Romsey Road and the site of the new Ordnance Survey headquarters north of Crabwood House.

After World War Two Southampton Council approached architect Herbert Collins to design its first post-war housing scheme at Maybush, on a site bounded by Coxford Road and Romsey Road. His recommendations incorporated many different types of house plans, as in his earlier housing developments in the town, and were rejected by the council on grounds of expense. Collins then handed over the project to his partner J. Norman Calton who produced a more acceptable standardized scheme using only four different house types. The site plan followed the usual Collins layout with cul-de-sacs, green-bordered winding roads and open-plan front gardens.


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