McCalmont, Alfred

McCalmont, Frederick Haynes

MacDonald, James Ramsey

McFadden, Frank

Maclachlan, Archibald

MacNaughten, Sir Steuart

Macao Place

Maddison Family

Maddox, Richard Leach

Maes, Hannah Winifred

Magdalene Terrace


Magnel, le

Magistrates' Court

Mahogany Cottages

Mais, Alan Raymond.

Major (Maijor), John and Richard

Major's Passage

Malachi, John

Mallortie, Isaac

Malt Houses

Malt Kiln

Malvern House

Manchester Street

Mangles, Captain Charles Edward

Manor House, Millbrook Road

Manor Terrace


Mansbridge Old Reservoir

Mansel, Owen Llewellyn

Mansell, John

Mansion Road

Mant, Doctor Richard

Mantle, Jack

Mantle Place

March, William Freelove

Marett Family

Marine Terrace

Market House

Market Lane

Marland House

Marland Place

Marlands, East and West

Marlands Hall

Marlborough Terrace

Marsh Hotel, Canute Road

Marsh Lane

Martin's Baths

Martin's Hall

Mary's Ground

Mason's Close

Masonic Hall

Master's Green

Matthews, Sir James

Maul, Edward Harman

Maxse, Frederick Augustus

May Day at the Bargate

Maybray-King, Horace


Maybush Library

Mayes, Edward

Mayes Garden

Mayfield Park

Mayflower, The

Mayflower Memorial

Mayflower Park

Mayflower Theatre

Mayors of Southampton

Meadows, Charles Henry

Meadus, Eric

Mechanics’ Institute

Medieval Merchant’s House, 58 French Street

Melly, Charles

Merchers' Tower

Merces Lane

Meredith Towers

Merillones Land

Merrietree Bushes

Merry Oak and Merry Oak House

Merserys Lane

Mersham House, Bitterne



Midanbury House and Midanbury Castle

Middle Street

Middleton, Nathaniel

Midland Bank

Midley Copse

Midlyngton Tower and Wharf


Mile End

Miles Cross

Milford Place

Mill Family (and Barker-Mill)

Mill Ponds, Chapel

Millais, John Everett


Millbrook Ford

Millbrook House

Millbrook Library

Millbrook Pond

Millbrook Road East

Miller, Charles

Miller's Court

Miller's Passage

Miller's Pond

Miller's Yard

Millpond Road


Millstone Point

Milton, John Lawrence

Milton Road

Mimpriss, Robert

Minifie, Margaret and Susannah

Minns, George William

Minster at Wic

Mission Cottages

Mitchell, Edgar Austin (‘Townsman’)

Mitchell, Richard Charles (Bob)

Mitchell, Reginald J

Mitre Inn

Model Yacht Pond

Mogshed, Big and Little

Moira Place and Moira House

Mole End, Bassett Green Road

Mon Repos

Monckton, John

Monday, Charles Albert



Monks’ Brook

Monks’ Path

Monks Way

Montagu, Ewen

Montagu, Ivor

Moon, Edwin Rowland

Moon, Eric Edward

Moorlands Villa

Mordaunt Road

Morley, Ralph

Morris, Eleanor

Morris Hall

Morris Road

Morris's Court

Morris's Passage

Morse, John

Morse's Buildings and Morse's Court

Mortimer, Ralph de

Mott's Lane


Mounes Lane

Mount, The

Mount Beulah

Mount Cottages

Mount Court

Mount Place

Mount Pleasant

Mount Street

Mountbatten Statue: Grosvenor Square

Mounte, Le

Mousehole Lane and Mill

Mowat's Fish Merchants

Myrtle Cottages


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