This was originally a wood lying on the modern north-east boundary of Southampton and extending across the boundary into Nursling, Rownhams and Chilworth. The history of the area is administratively very complex. It is clear that the name indicates ownership by the lord of the manor, but it is not certain whether the lordship involved is that of Nursling or Chilworth. Domesday indicates that both contained woodland. The entry for Nursling records a wood worth five swine, while the entry for Chilworth notes a decline in value because the holder has no power to use its woodland.

The area was entirely outside the boundary of Southampton until 1967 when part of it was transferred from the county to the city.

The name Lordswood was applied at one time to the east stretch of Coxford Road from Coxford to Coxford Lane.

Further reading:

Ditches, Dykes and Droves: A Preliminary Report on the History of Lord’s Wood, Southampton. by Michael Ryder, in Hampshire Field Club Newsletter (New Series), No. 21, Spring 1994, p30-36. (H/h)


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