This thatched cottage is situated close to the north corner of the Avenue and Winchester Road. It was built c.1830 in the cottage ornee style. It is Grade II listed. It may be the picturesque thatched gable-roofed cottage alluded to in a Gardeners' Chronicle article on the Red Lodge Nursery of 10 July, 1869 (see below). Map evidence shows that it is on the same site as the Red Lodge Nursery building, although the shape of the building has changed over the years. A Gardeners Magazine article (see below) of 1835 on the Red Lodge Nursery (then called Rogers's Nursery from its founders John and William Rogers) states that 'Mr Rogers has built a picturesque cottage, on a raised platform, commodious, convenient, substantially finished, and in good taste.'

The Red Lodge Nursery building was later named Little Oak Hall.

6 Little Oak Road

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Photograph, 2006

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