Kingsbridge House
This was an early-19th century house (it is marked on the Town Map of 1845-46) formerly situated on the west side of Havelock Road. Sales particulars from 1860 (see clipping below) describe the house and garden. The site was bought by the council in c.1894 and was used for building the new King Edward VI Grammar School. The house itself survived until the 1930s. The site is now occupied by the BBC.

Further reading:

Southampton Occasional Notes, 2nd Series by ‘Townsman’, p32. (HS/h)
Public Life in Southampton, Vol. 1 , by James Lemon, p66-67, 173-175. (HS/l)

Kingsbridge Lane
This lane was originally a footpath from Havelock Road to Blechynden Terrace and is now a paved walkway. No bridge is recorded in this neighborhood, though one could well have spanned the streamlet just above King John's Pond. As the adjoining Kingsfield is documented as royal property the bridge may be presumed to lead to it.

Cooksey’s Lane was a 19th century name for what later became Kingsbridge Lane.

Kingsbridge House

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Photograph from the 1930s, just prior to demolition.

Newspaper clippings


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