Several Harrisons were in business as dairymen in 19th century Shirley, while other branches of the family were nurserymen, seedsmen and florists. E Harrison established his ‘model dairy’ in Vaudrey Street, Shirley (image 1) in about 1900, with stables in Stratton Road. In 1940 Harrison’s merged with Brown’s Dairy of Hill Lane to become Brown and Harrison, with premises still in Vaudrey Street. Brown's Dairy was founded by Alfred Brown in 1823 and operated from Hill Farm, Hill Lane. It began by serving the Shirley area but branched out into other parts of Southampton. In the 1920s they had a depot at Benhams Farm in Bitterne Park (image 2). Harrison and Brown later became part of Unigate Dairies.

1. Brown and Harrison's Dairy, Vaudrey Street

Image Unavailable

Photograph, 1962

2. Brown's Dairy, Benham's Farm

Image Unavailable

Photograph 1920


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