Hampton Field
A medieval name attaching to a large tract on the west side of Above Bar Street apparently relating to the whole territory between Canshut Lane and the town ditches, and stretching from the seashore on the west to the Above Bar properties in the east. Little Hampton was separated off in post-medieval times and the name 'Hampton' then attached to the north-west portion of the original site.
Little Hampton
This was the south portion of Hampton Field and was separated off in post-medieval times. It stretched from Above Bar Street in the east to the shore road to the west. Its south bound was the George Inn. It was 104 feet long and from 38 feet to 50 feet broad
Greater Little Hampton
A later subdivision within 'Little Hampton' already subdivided from the original 'Hampton Field'. It lay west of Above Bar Street and its western boundary was 115 feet from the shore, presumably at the cliff edge. It was bounded by the George Inn and other houses to the east, but its northward extent is unknown.


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