This is an alternative name for Watts' House, the large residence that formerly stood at 41 French Street. It was situated on the west side of the street just south of St Michael’s Church. Watts House is so called because the family of Isaac Watts lived here c.1675-1735, but it is no longer thought to be his birth place. It has a long history: it incorporated both the remains of a 12th century house, and the 14th century Polymond's Hall, and was completely rebuilt in the 1760s. The Georgian-period house formed three sides of a square (image 1) around a garden forecourt which opened out on to French Street. In the early 19th century it housed the main post office. It suffered bomb damage during World War Two (image 2) and afterwards fell into decay. It was demolished in the 1950s.

1. Hampton Court or Watts' House

Image Unavailable

Photograph, c.1930.

2. Hampton Court or Watts' House

Image Unavailable

Photographed in 1941 after bomb damage.

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