Hack, Thomas Sandon

Haddon Hall, Ogle Road

Hall, Chambers

Hallett, William

Hamel, Gustav

Hamilton House

Hamilton Terrace

Hampshire Advertiser

Hampshire Bank

Hampshire Chronicle

Hampshire Female Orphan Asylum

Hampshire Female Penitentiary

Hampshire Independent

Hampshire Picture Gallery

Hampton Court

Hampton Court Brewery

Hampton Field

Hampton Park

Hamwic and Hamtun

Hand Ball Court

Handel College

Hang Man's Acre

Hannides, Michael

Hanover Buildings

Harbour Board

Harbour Lights Cinema

Harcourt Road

Harcourt Terrace

Hardwick Close

Harefield House and Harefield

Harland and Wolff

Harman, Thomas Leader

Harmonic Terrace

Harriott, Joe

Harrison, John Butler (Father and Son)

Harrison's Dairy

Harrison's Cut

Hart, Thomas Gray

Hartley, Henry Robinson and Hartley Institution

Hartley Street

Hartpury Terrace

Havelock Road

Haven Stone in Hilton

Hawkins' Buildings and Court

Hawthorn Cottage

Haymarket and Haymarket Inn

Hazel Road

Heather Dene House

Heathfield House

Hedenes Dene

Hellyer Brothers: Wood Carvers

Henderson, George


Henry Street

Henstead Road

Herdsman's Meadow and Stream

Herepath, The

Herkomer, Sir Hubert

Hermann's Terrace


Hewett, Sir George

Hewett, William

High Road, Swaythling

High Street

High Street, Northam


Highfield Farm

Highfield Grove

Highfield House

Hightown Methodist Chapel, Sholing

Hilda Place


Hill, Benny

Hill, William Burrough

Hill Court

Hill Top Cottages

Hinkler, Bert

Hinton, W G

Hinves and Bedborough

Hinvis Passage

Hippodrome Theatre

Hiram Place

HMS Woolston

Hoadley, John

Hoare, Clement

Hocklease Field

Hode Cross


Holden Place and Holden Square

Holland Road

Hollis, Askew (Aiskew) Paffard

Holly Hill


Hollybrook House

Hollybrook Memorial

Hollybrook Road

Holy Rood Chambers

Holy Rood Church

Holy Rood Church: memorials

Holy Rood House

Holy Rood Place

Holy Saviour Church

Holy Trinity Church, Kingsland

Holy Trinity Church, Millbrook

Holy Trinity Church, Weston


Hong Kong Terrace

Hooper, Gloria Dorothy

Horders Place, Le

Hornys Acre

Horse Racing

Hoskins' Lane

Hospital of St Mary Magdalen


Howard Close

Hoy, James Barlow

Hoy, Michael

Hoystrop, Thomas

Hrum Broc Spring

Hulse, Edward

Hum Hole

Humby's Court

Humphreys, John Barnett

Hunt's Court

Hurdis, James Henry


Huttoft, Henry

Huttoft, Thomas

Hythe Ferry


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