There is some confusion as to the location and name of this court or passage. L A Burgess (Topographical Dictionary of Southampton) lists two possibilities for Godfrey's Court:

1) A 19th century court off Bevois Street. Nothing more is known of this court which may however be identified with the Godfrey's Court in Northam below.
2) A 19th century street running from Longcroft Street to Marine Parade across what is now part of the gasworks in Northam.

However the Dilapidated Buildings Report of 1893 describes Godfrey's Cut as a long passage running from Godfrey Street to Bevois Street, clearly one, or both, of the above streets mentioned by Burgess.

References to a Godfrey’s Passage probably also relate to the above street.

Godfrey’s Town
This was an early 19th century name for the district east of Golden Grove, formerly called Crabniton and later the site of the gasworks.

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