There are 18th century references to this inn. Its location is uncertain but L. A. Burgess suggests it might have been in the vicinity of the old Sun Hotel on the eastern side at bottom of the High Street. Its tenant is recorded as being entitled to use the stairs leading to Watch Bell Tower and the ramparts, which suggests that this may be an early name for the Sun Hotel itself. Other evidence suggests the Globe Inn was on the other side (west) of the High Street and was actually incorporated into the fabric of the western tower of the Watergate. A pre-1800 drawing by Thomas Rowlandson, Southampton, the Watergate and Globe Inn, clearly shows it on the west side of the street. The inn was demolished at the same time as the Watergate in 1804.

Southampton, the Watergate and Globe Inn

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A Thomas Rowlandson drawing of 1796. The steps to the Globe Inn are centre left


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