The Glen Eyre Estate was part of the new development of Bassett, advertised for sale by the Fleming Estate in 1850-1853. It is named after Colonel Eyre Crabbe, and was occupied by his widow until her death in 1888. The Colonel himself may not have lived to see his grand new house, as he died in 1859, and his address for probate is Highfield. Mrs Eyre Crabbe was hosting fundraising events for the Royal South Hants Hospital at Glen Eyre from September 1861, and was in residence earlier that year, at the census.

Her son, Brigadier-General Eyre MacDonnell Stewart Crabbe, is listed at Glen Eyre in directories until 1895, but may not have been resident there, pursuing his military career elsewhere. He sold the property to Mrs Louisa Mitchell-Molyneux in 1897, and died in Aldershot in 1905.

Mrs Mitchell-Molyneux died in early 1909, and Thomas Walker "retired Indian Merchant" lived there until 1913, when the House was bought by Charles Pickering Hayley, who had made his fortune in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Mr Hayley died at Glen Eyre in 1934, and the house seems to have remained vacant for several years, before the Estate was sold to the University College in 1947. The University's Glen Eyre Halls of Residence were built on the site, and the house demolished sometime in the 1950s.

Auction Catalogue, Wednesday 6 February 1935: Southampton City Archives D/S 15/2/5

Further reading
History of Glen Eyre House, Bassett and Glen Eyre Hall of Residence, University of Southampton,by Frank B Wright


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