The partnership between the stonemasonry firms of Garret and Haysom dates from c.1877. The former had been founded in 1806 by John Garret of Portsea and the latter by Martyn Haysom in the mid-19th century. Their East Street premises (image 1) were bought by John’s son George Garret in c.1822. The firm undertook some small building work, mainly repairs, but they were largely concerned with monumental work and the supply of marble for table tops. They also made many of Southampton's gravestones and memorials.

Martyn Haysom donated a monument (image 2) to the town which previously stood on the south part of the Avenue, opposite Padwell Road. In 1967, due to road widening, it was moved about 40 yards further north and now stands on the grassy strip opposite Brighton Road. It is Grade II listed. Other monuments by the firm include the Pilgrim Fathers’ memorial near Town Quay, the Titanic crew memorial water fountain in Holy Rood church and the Gordon Monument in Queen’s Park.

1. Garrett and Haysom, East Street Premises.

Image Unavailable

Photograph, 1910

2. The Haysom Monument, The Avenue

Image Unavailable

The monument in its original position. Photograph, 1941

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By Royal Appointment: Garret & Haysom (PDF), by Roy Andrews (account of a talk by Geoff Watts)in Westender, March-April 2018.


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