The famous Italian soldier and statesman who had been a leading figure in the fight for the unification of Italy, visited Southampton on 16 April 1864 during his triumphal tour of England. A contemporary engraving shows his carriage surrounded by tumultuous crowds as it passed the Bargate. He spent the night at 27 East Park Terrace, home of the mayor George Brinton. A tablet bearing the portrait of Garibaldi with inscriptions in Italian and English was erected on the front of the house. It reads “dedicated by the Italian colony of Southampton to the memory of Joseph Garibaldi, the great father of the independence of Italy on the occasion of the centenary of his birthday, 4th July 1907”. The house, which became known as Garibaldi House, was demolished after World War Two and the tablet was removed to Tudor House garden.

There are two instances of streets being named after him, both Garibaldi Terrace.
1) A 19th century terrace in Avenue Road on the south side, west of Earl's Road.
2) A 19th century terrace in Dock Street, on the east side at the south end.

Giuseppe Garibaldi

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Photograph, 1866

Garibaldi’s Visit to Southampton, 1864

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A contemporary engraving

27 East Park Terrace

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Photograph, 1941. The house in which Garibaldi stayed on his visit to Southampton.

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Southampton Occasional Notes, 2nd Series, by ‘Townsman’, p30. (HS/h)


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