Four Posts
This is the 18th and 19th century name for the district represented by Four Post Hill. It should be remembered that traditional Canshut Lane passed approximately on the line of the railway footbridge, so that Four Posts i.e. the road south of the new Commercial Road extended east of the Rolles Brook crossing nearly as far as Water Lane. On the west side it extended to the end of Millbrook Road, thus lying both inside and outside the Borough.

Four Posts Bridge
This was a later name for Achard’s Bridge. It is a curious coincidence that the bridge is so close to Four Posts Hill, but both appear from illustrations to have carried vanes.

Four Posts Hill
The name for the high ground in the vicinity of the junction of Hill Lane and modern Commercial Road, where the old Canshut Lane climbed up from the Rolles Brook crossing. The name was presumably derived from the posts carrying direction vanes at the borough boundary. In the late 19th century the name was applied to the west end of what is now Commercial Road, together with adjacent streets.


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