The Deanery was an alternative name for the Rectory House of St Mary’s Church. The Rectory during the medieval and Tudor periods was also known as the Chantry or Chantry House and all three names have been applied to the same building. The original medieval Chantry House was demolished and replaced with a new building in 1550 which burned down in 1706 and was in turn replaced by a new building soon after. This new building also burned down, in c.1802 and was replaced with a much smaller structure on the same site.

The building seems to have obtained the name the Deanery from Dean Ogle who was Dean of both Winchester and St Mary’s from 1767 to 1797, after which the names Chantry and Chantry House fell into disuse. The Deanery was partly demolished in the 1960s, with the last remnants surviving until 1984.

In 1925 Chantry Hall was built by architect Herbert Bryant in the grounds of the Deanery to serve as a meeting hall for parish groups.

The Deanery and Remains of Chantry Wall

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Photograph, 1941

Further reading:
Resurgam: The Story of St Mary’s Church, Southampton. (HS/j)


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