Louis Eliot d'Elboux (1807-72) was Superintendent of the Ordnance Survey electrotyping and stamping departments, based in Southampton from 1841. He refined and developed engraving processes.

D'Elboux was married in Lambeth in 1828 and probably worked at the Ordnance Survey when it was based at the Tower of London, then moved to Southampton with the Survey in 1841.

D'Elboux was awarded a £40 gratuity by the Director General following his improvements to the printing process.

He married again, his first wife having died, in 1848. He was involved with the Portland Baptist Chapel and East Street Baptist Chapel.

Newspaper clippings (accessible through the Local Studies Library):

"Name Lingers On: Louis d'Elboux" (Southern Evening Echo 30/03/1984). Describes d'Elboux's career and inventions. Includes a portrait of d'Elboux by his son.


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