During the 15th century this building stood on the north side of Porters' Lane and stretched 181 feet westward from the High Street. It therefore included the whole length of Canute's Palace, which represented the 111 feet of the western end.

Later a building was erected west of the Water Gate (image 1) partly inside the town wall and partly outside. In c.1700 the building is described as abutting on to Winkle Street - presumably on the south side.

A new Custom House was built in 1846 opposite the Terminus Station (image 3), replacing the old custom house on Town Quay, which the opening of the new docks had rather sidelined. The new custom house was on the site of the Royal Gloucester Subscription Baths, and may have incorporated some of its stonework. It later became Union Castle House (image 2) and is still standing.

1. Customs House, Town Quay

Image Unavailable

Engraving from the 1820s.

2. Union Castle House, Canute Road

Image Unavailable

Photograph, c.2000

3. Customs House, Canute Road

Image Unavailable

Engraving published by J T Wood, c.1860


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