Crabwood House
Crabwood House, situated on the west side of Romsey Road in Maybush, was built in the early 1840s probably for Frances Marett, sister of Charles Marett and Hannah Winifred Maes (Madam Maes) whose family owned a shipyard near the West Gate and Westgate house. Crabwood House was used as a private residence until 1938 when it was purchased by the Ordnance Survey and converted into a social club. The house still stands to the north of the former Ordnance Survey offices and is Grade II listed
Crabwood Farm
A 19th century farmhouse situated near west end of modern Crabwood Road in Maybush.

Crabwood House

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Photograph, c.2000

Further reading:
Lost Houses of Southampton, by Jessica Vale. (HS/i)
‘The Country Houses of Southampton’, by Jessica Vale in Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, volume 39, 1983, p183, 188. (HS/i)


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