Gabriel Corbet, possibly originally called Gabriele Corbizzi, was a 15th century Venetian merchant. He had established himself in the town by 1427 – he is mentioned in the Port Book of 1427-28 - and spent the rest of his life here. He traded in a wide variety of goods, including wine, oil and fish. From 1440 he rented a large stone warehouse with cellars called The Cheynes in Coleye Lane (now Porters Lane) near the Town Quay. He lived in a house near the Franciscan friary on English Street which he rented from the shipbuilder William Soper, and he owned two smaller houses further up English Street near St Lawrence Church. Unusually for an Italian merchant, he achieved a number of official positions in the town, including that of sheriff in 1453.
It is not known where and when he died.

Further reading:
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