Buildings, not communities are here listed.

(1) 1690 - Above Bar Congregationalists, the oldest non-conformist body in the town, built their first chapel in 1727. This was replaced by a larger building in 1819-1820.
(2) 1844 - Albion Chapel in St. Mary Street was opened in 1848, the congregation using the Royal South Hants Infirmary building before this. The congregation had earlier been formed after a breakaway from Above Bar Chapel.
(3) 1854 - Belvidere Chapel, or Northam Chapel was situated in Belvidere Terrace and was built in 1854.
(4) 1861 - 1921 Kingsfield Chapel, which was in Havelock Road on the west side, near the south end, was opened in 1861. The congregation was a breakaway from Albion Chapel and met in the Victoria Rooms from 1853 to 1861.
(5) Avenue Congregational Church. 1897 -

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