Chesterfield Hotel
The only reference to the Chesterfield Hotel occurs in Ancient Southampton, a catalogue of works of art compiled (1897) by William Borough Hill, in which there is a reference to a watercolour of Chesterfield Terrace and Hotel by W M Cooper. There is no trace of the hotel in street directories of the late 19th century, but a Chesterfield Tavern is listed in Chesterfield Terrace in the 1901 census. License records also refer to a Chesterfield Inn in the same location in the late 19th century. It is likely that all three references are to the same building. The site is probably on the west side of modern Upper Bugle Street.
Chesterfield Terrace
A 19th century terrace, coinciding with the east side of Upper Bugle Street.

Rear of Buildings in Simnel Street and Castle Square

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A W M Cooper watercolour from the rear of the Chesterfield Hotel, c.1895


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