Toussaint Ambroise Talour de la Cartrie (b.1743), usually known as the Comte de Cartrie, was a French aristocrat and refugee from the French Revoultion, who after many adventures and tribulations arrived in Southampton in 1796. In order to pay off a debt he worked for about six months as a gardener for James Dott at Bitterne Grove. After this he lived in a cottage in Bitterne and then in Itchen Ferry Village, subsisting largely on the kindness of the local gentry until c.1800 when he returned to France. While in Southampton he wrote his memoirs which were translated by an unknown local man. The translation was discovered in 1904 and published two years later.

Comte de Cartrie

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Newspaper clipping:

Further reading:
Southampton People, by John Edgar Mann, p28-29. (HS/t)
Memoirs of the Comte de Cartrie. (HS/t.CAR)


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