Cage, the

Caledonian Hotel

California Place

Cambrai Place

Cambridge Street

Cambridge Terrace

Camp Ground

Campbell, Patrick

Canada Place

Canal (Southampton-Salisbury)

Canal Place

Canal Walk

Canal Walk Methodist Chapel

Canal Terrace

Canal View

Canaway, James Richard

Candle Factory

Candles, House of

Candy Lane

Cannon on the Platform

Canshut Lane

Cantelo, William

Canton Street

Canton Terrace

Canute, King

Canute Castle Hotel

Canute Chambers

Canute Road

Canute's Palace, Porters' Lane

Canute's Point

Canute's Tower

Capon Close

Cardonnel, Adam de

Carlton Baptist Chapel

Carlton Cinema

Carlton Crescent

Carlton Lodge

Carlton Place

Carlton Terrace

Carnac, John

Carr, Clarence Firbank

Carriage Drive

Carter, Owen Browne

Carter Brothers' Steam Dyeing Works, East Street

Carters, Land of the

Cartrie, Comte de


Castle, Marquis of Lansdowne's

Castle Buildings, Castle Court and Castle Gardens

Castle Hill

Castle Hotel, High Street

Castle Lane

Castle Lodge

Castle Mound

Castle Place

Castle Square

Castle Vault

Castle Watergate

Castle Way

Cat and Fiddle


Catchcold Tower

Catholic Apostolic Church

Cattle Market

Causeway of Our Lady of Grace

Cavalry Barracks

Cave, Thomas

Cawte, Henry

Cawte, Kitty Elizabeth

Cedar Avenue

Cedar Terrace


Cemetery, Old


Central Baptist Church

Central Bridge

Central Hall

Central Library

Central Parks

Chadwick, Roy

Challis Court

Chamberlain, Sir Neville Bowles

Chamberlayne, John

Chamberlayne, Tankerville

Chamberlayne, Thomas

Chamberlayne, William

Chamberlayne Baths

Chamberlayne Place

Chamberlayne's Town

Channel's Farm


Chapel Mill

Chapel Road

Chapel Street

Chaplin Street

Charker's Close

Charlotte Place

Charlotte Street and Charlotte Court

Charlton Road

Charlton Terrace

Charnel, Le


Chave, Sir Benjamin



Cherry Tree Terrace

Cherville Terrace

Chessel House

Chesterfield Hotel and Chesterfield Terrace

Chestnuts, 8 Old Redbridge Road

Cheynes (or Chaynes), Le

Chichester Terrace

Chilworth Gate (Cheleworth Gate)

Chilworth Ring

Chilworth Road


China Court and Place

Chine, The

Chipperfield, Robert

Christ Church, Freemantle

Christ Church, Northam

Christ Church, Highfield

Christ the King Church

Church Lane

Church of the Ascension

Church of the Saviour

Church Road

Church Row

Church Terrace

Churcher's Buildings and Cottages

Churcher's Court and Passage

Chusselde, La

Circus, The

Civic Centre

Civil War

Civil Wars of Southampton

Claramunda, Dame


Clarence Lodge

Clarence Street and Terrace

Clarendon Terrace

Clarke, Alexander Ross

Clarke, Thomas and Sons

Classic Cinema, Above Bar Street


Clay Pitts, The

Clayfield House

Cliff Hotel

Cliff Road and Terrace

Cliff View

Clifford Crescent

Clifford House

Clifford Place


Clifton House

Clifton Terrace

Clock Tower, Bitterne Park

Clock Tower Cinema

Close Tower Behind the Friars

Closeburn Terrace

Cloth Hall, St Michael's Square

Clover Nook, Old Redbridge Road

Clyde Terrace

Coach and Horses Inn

Coachmakers' Arms

Coal Strike, 1912

Coalies v Uncle Sam, 1884

Coastguard Cottages

Coastguard Stations

Coat of Arms

Cobbett Road

Cobden Bridge

Cobden Terrace

Coburg Street

Coburg Yard

Cockburn, Sir Alexander

Cockerell, Christopher

Cockroads Farm and Lane

Cold Harbour Lane

Coleman Court

Coleye, The


College Green

College Place and Terrace

College Road

College Street

Collier's Stagecoach

Collins, Herbert

Collis Court

Colson, John

Colson's Court


Colwell Spring

Commercial Road

Common, The

Compensation Corner

Compton Court and Compton Walk

Condor Road

Conduit Close

Conduit Head

Congregationalist or Independent Chapels (Early)

Coniger, The

Connaught Hall

Consulate House

Conway Terrace

Cooksey, John Henry

Coomb's Court

Cooper, Francis

Cooper, William Marshall

Cooper Street

Cooper's Brewery

Coopers' Tower

Corbet, Gabriel

Corn Store, Porter's Lane

Corner Tower

Coronation Avenue

Coronation Terrace

Cossack Place, Street and Yard

Cotswold Terrace

Counter, The

Coupland, John

Court Leet


Cowherds, The

Cowper, William

Cox, Henry Daubney

Coxford and Coxford Lane

Cozens, Arthur Edwin

Cozen's Court

Crabb, James

Crabbe, Eyre John


Crabtree Bushes

Crabwood House and Crabwood Farm

Crampe Lane

Cranbury Avenue

Cranbury House

Cranbury Place

Cranbury Terrace

Cranbury Villa

Craven Street

Crawford, Osbert Guy Stanhope

Creek, The

Crescent, The

Creswick, Thomas

Cricket Grounds

Crisp, Norman James

Crofton Place

Crops Bushes

Cross Guns

Cross House

Cross Pond

Cross Street

Crosses: Boundary and Others

Crouch's Buildings

Crown Inn, Shirley High Street

Crown Court

Crown Hotel

Crown Street

Crown Terrace

Crowne, Le

Crystal Palace

Cuckoo Lane

Cultural Quarter

Culver Close

Culverhey Croft

Cumberland Place


Cushen's Court

Customs House

Cut-thorn Cross and Mound


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