In the mid 19th century the Burnaby family lived at what is now 33 Carlton Crescent, the large Regency-style house at the corner of Carlton Crescent and Carlton Place. The most famous member of the family was Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby, famed as one of the most adventurous men in the British Army. He campaigned in Russia, the Middle East and Asia and wrote a book, A Ride to Khiva, about his journey through Russian Asia. In 1882 he crossed the Channel by balloon. In 1884 he was given a post in Lord Wolseley’s expedition to the Sudan to rescue General Gordon at Khartoum. Gordon, whose family lived at 5 Rockstone Place, was a near neighbour of Colonel Burnaby’s family. Neither man returned from the Sudan. Gordon famously died at Khartoum and Colonel Burnaby was killed at the battle of Abu Klea in January 1885.

Colonel Burnaby

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Portrait of Burnaby by James Tissot, 1870

Newspaper clippings (available from the Local Studies Library):

"Southampton's Carlton Crescent … "- (Southern Daily Echo 22/12/2014). Good survey of Burnaby's career, including some great images such as a caricature of Burnaby.

Further reading:

Southampton Occasional Notes, 2nd series, by ‘Townsman’, p73. (HS/h)


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