Lying to the north of East Park (or Andrews' Park), Brunswick Place is a late 18th century development on land that had been previously part of the Bellevue House estate, demarcating the northern boundary of the medieval East Marlands common field. The plans for the houses were probably drawn up as early as 1800, possibly by architect John Plaw, who arrived in Southampton in 1796. Baker’s Map of 1802 shows Brunswick Place already laid out with a building at either end, but the building work did not begin in earnest until the 1820s.

The name Brunswick commemorates Caroline of Brunswick, wife of the Prince of Wales (later George IV). Aristocratic names were often used as an expression of patriotism, or to give the area a genteel tone.

Brunswick House (c.1824), at the west end of the street and a terrace of five houses (c.1855) at the eastern end (image 1), sometimes referred to as Brunswick Terrace or Vectis Terrace, survive from the 19th century. They were converted to office use in the 20th century and are now Grade II listed.

Two of the earliest houses built here were numbers 14 and 15 Brunswick Place (image 3). They both appear on the 1845/6 Town Map, no. 14 being marked as Vine Cottage, and they may also appear on a 1791 map. Both properties were demolished in the 1970s. No. 14 is said (Townsman in the Southern daily Echo 13/8/1945) to have been the entrance lodge on the south boundary of Bellevue House estate. If so, it would date the property to pre-1791.

John Kent's wife, Sarah Roper, died in Brunswick Place in 1825.

The artist Eliza Westlake lived in Brunswick Place until around 1905.

1. Brunswick Terrace, Brunswick Place

Image Unavailable

Photograph, 1941

2. 4-9 Brunswick Place

Image Unavailable

Some of the original buildings photographed in 1941, but since demolished.

3. 14,15 Brunswick Place

Image Unavailable

Photograph, 1945. No. 14 is on the left.

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