Boundary Brook
This is the streamlet named in medieval documents as Furzwells. It rises near the Burlstone Cross and flows between Broadlands and Sirdar Roads to the Itchen. The modern name derives from the decision of the Boundary Commission in 1832, in spite of a long tradition to the contrary, that the town's north east boundary should be equated with the stream line.

The Anglo-Saxon equivalent of this name, Mearc-broc, was given to what is now called Monks' Brook at Swaythling. This, of course, never demarcated Southampton's boundary.

Boundary Hall
Boundary Hall was situated on the south side of Burgess Road, immediately east of University Road. The grounds enclosed the spring of the streamlet equated by the Boundary Commissioners of 1832 with the medieval boundary stream called Furzewells. When the hall was built in the 19th century it stood on the Borough boundary, hence its name. It was demolished in the 1960s to make way for university buildings.


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