Blue Anchor Gate
The Blue Anchor Postern Gate was one of the least important gates in the medieval town walls. It allowed access from Blue Anchor Lane to the quays on the west shore. Blue Anchor Lane is an 18th century name for a street of medieval origin. In the late medieval period the lane was called Lord's Lane, and the gate, Lord's Gate. They were renamed in the 18th century after the Blue Anchor Inn which stood in the lane.

Blue Anchor Court
A 19th century court on north side of Blue Anchor Lane abutting on to West Quay from which access was through the town wall by a gateway.

Blue Anchor House (or Inn)
An inn housed in part of the former Norman house (King John’s Palace) on the north side of Blue Anchor Lane at its west end by the postern. The name ‘Blue Anchor’ first appears in 1684.

Blue Anchor Lane
This lane runs from the corner of the west side of St. Michael's Square to Western Shore. The modern name derives from the 18th century Blue Anchor Inn, but it is a very ancient thoroughfare and was originally called ‘Wytegodeslane’ after a mid 14th century resident. It became ‘My Lord Chief Baron's Lane’ when Sir Richard Lyster occupied Tudor House on its south corner in the early 16th century, this form being corrupted to ‘Lord's Lane’ in the 17th century. The present name seems to have been bestowed in the 18th century. It still contains impressive medieval remains, chiefly the Norman House, or King John's Palace as it is sometimes called, on the south side. There were also remains on the north side, but most were lost during redevelopment. This engraving below (image 2) from c.1882 looks north towards St Michael’s church.

1. Blue Anchor Gate

Image Unavailable

Photograph, 2015

2. Blue Anchor Lane

Image Unavailable

A 19th century engraving of Blue Anchor Lane

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